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1995-2001 BMW E38 7 Series Rear Deck Subwoofer Replacement Kit (4 Speakers)

1995-2001 BMW E38 7 Series Rear Deck Subwoofer Replacement Kit (4 Speakers)



After years of requests, we've finally brought these drivers to the E38 space. They're the world's only direct-fit, plug and play E38 specific woofers, (you'll have to add new spade terminals which are included) and take around 20 minutes to replace your old, blown woofers. 

These are NEW speakers and are only on our clearance site as we're unable to amend our existing site.

These drivers are optimized to perform on the OE DSP amplifier. They are functioning as woofers (not dedicated subwoofers), and due to the size of the drivers you can expect brilliant performance across the spectrum from 50Hz-300Hz. 

The UV Treated cones and dust caps protect the speakers from sun exposure and deterioration over time. With our industry-leading 4 year warranty, you can expect a lifetime of flawless performance. 

To note: These are not your traditional subwoofers; they will not shake the car, and they will not rattle the rearview mirror. These are designed as a direct-fit, impedance and efficiency-optimized improvement of the factory BMW woofers.

Set of 4 subwoofers. Gaskets included separately and to be applied directly to underside of woofer basket before attaching to factory enclosure.

Wiring connections inside of factory enclosure:
We tend to see solid green (negative -) and green w/black stripe (positive +) in the majority of the factory enclosures. If you see any variation, refer to your factory speakers for the correct polarity. The larger terminal is positive and the smaller terminal is negative. 

New Bavsound Woofers: Crimp new spade terminals to your factory wiring using a pair of wire crimpers.
Negative is the smaller terminal on your new speaker.
Positive is the larger terminal on your new speaker.

The technical jargon for you audio geeks...

  • Black glass fiber reinforced cones offer improved strength over conventional polypropylene or paper cones.  This design reduces cone breakup at high volumes and heavy listening demand periods. It also reduces cone resonation and allows for smoother and more dyanmic transitions across complex musical passages.
  • The Bifilar wound voice coil designs allow us to put more copper in the gap in a smaller package. The benefit of the smaller footprint allows a more precise overall motor design and improved accuracy in alignment of the moving coil to the speaker motor. Perodical staging of the voice coil with a variety of heating and cooling stages helps the speaker with offgassing typically found in conventional coils, thus preventing instances where thermal conditions of heavy use can lead to premature failure.
  • Complete Nomex fiber reinforced spiders give the drivers a broader level of linearity and control across the entire operating sound spectrum. Nomex is extremely stable and offers a broader level of linearity at an extremely wide range of listening levels without the loss of control at the extreme end limits of the speaker's design without a compromise in performance.
    In additio
    n, complete Nomex glass fiber reinforced spiders offer significantly improved longetivity and relibility in a much broader range of environmental conditions.
  • Dampened steel baskets use variations in geometric shapes  within the basket design to improve the overall strengh and optimize design resonant frequencies outside of the speaker's optimal operating frequencies. As such, dampened designs eliminate the possibilities of material resonance in the operating range which can created unwanted and undesired sounds while listening to music.


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